Magnesium Fire Starter Fraud?

A while back we did a video entitled “Magnesium Fire Starter Fraud” many of you may have found us as a company through that very video. It has had some popularity, and has received tremendous feedback on YouTube including many people who went and tested their magnesium fire starter and found out that it in fact did not work. They were able to go out and get one that did work and practice with it, to ensure that they could light a fire when the time came that they would need to in a survival situation.

Upon doing a little research we found that this video may have been taken out of context (most likely the video was not viewed in it’s entirety) and some people may have got the wrong impression. Today I write this post to clear up a few issues and make sure that we are getting across our true reasoning for the video and the tests that were done.

The research and tests that were made on the magnesium bars that were shown in the video, are  just a few that are available in the marketplace today. We were not able to test all generic magnesium bars that are out there, because there are so many available. A couple years down the road, and after testing several others including inexpensive options that can be found in hardware stores around the nation, we have found the magnesium itself in most of these will in fact produce fire. There are still several issues with the generic brands and the striker rod falling out, so be aware of that issue and check your gear often if you have a generic version.

There are still several generic versions out there, like the one shown in the video that WILL NOT produce flame. This is due to faulty magnesium that cannot be scraped, no matter what way you try, to start a fire.

Test Your Survival Gear

Our main emphasis of all this is to make sure that you get out and test your survival gear and practice with it. Make sure that in your EDC, survival pack, bug out bag, or whatever you carry your survival gear in, you have tested and used the gear that you carry, so you are rest assured it will work when you need it to most. Hopefully after further testing of your gear (if you haven’t already) you find that what you had works just fine and you do not need to replace any piece of gear. Generic version or regular brand name aside, if your gear does not work, it should be replaced.

The reason we carry the Doan magnesium fire starter and have chosen it as our primary fire starter option in our Fire Starting Kit is, with the right training, practice, and preparation it will start a fire 100% of the time. With the Doan, we never have to worry about any issues of the striker rod falling out, it will always be there. The Doan magnesium bar was the originally patent fire starter for the US military and is still today.

Bottom line, test your gear, know how to use it, and stay safe in the wilderness!

If you would like to see the “Magnesium Fire Starter Fraud” video, check it out below:

2 Responses to Magnesium Fire Starter Fraud – Test Your Survival Gear

  1. DrDug says:

    I echo the gear testing before you depend on it. I got a Doan bar and the ferro rod on it won’t spark! Even with a good company, there are somtimes duds out there. Make sure it works and always have a back up that works too.

  2. phil says:

    dont buy china junk you get what u pay for test your gear and buy the good stuff your life just might depend on it

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