Poncho Survival Shelter xWide
Poncho Survival Shelter xWide is for those wanting 6" more width on their poncho without the customization cost we normally charge. This fabric is also 2.2 oz vs the standard 1.9 oz and Honeycomb weave for extra strength, while still light in weight. Our PSS series is a Multi-function Poncho, Hammock, Tarp, Chair, and more. Tabs for tarp set up. Snaps to form a poncho and attach a Polartec Fleece Liner. Large adjustable hood. Includes matching carry bag and 40' of 550 paracord, Optional Cordura bag with MOLLE, Dyneema Cord. No better value for the money. Made in USA NOTE on Whoopie Slings - Whoopie and Whoopie 2 Slings have been discontinued, For best Hammock set up, order poncho with the Hammock Kit for Ponchos.

The special fabric we use for these ponchos is woven extra wide, allowing us to make a 6″ wider poncho without much extra cost. This fabric has a honeycomb weave making it extra strong for its weight

  • Honeycomb weave is stronger and lighter
  • 2.2 oz fabric vs 1.9 oz in our standard ponchos
    • add tremendous strength
    • very  little additional weight
  • xWide Poncho is better
    • wraps further around in hammock use
    • longer sleeves in poncho use
      • 3″ longer
    • larger coverage in tarp use


    • PSS (for persons 4′ 6″ to 5′ 9″)
      • Flat dimensions 5′ x 7′ finished size  >62″ x 84″
        • 42″ flat from shoulder to bottom edges
      • Weights* 1.2 pounds
    • PSSL (for persons 5′ 7″ to 6′ 4″)
      • Flat dimensions 5′ x 8′ finished size  >62″ x 96″
        • 54″ flat from shoulder to back edge
        • 42″ flat from shoulder to front edge
      • Weights* 1.3 pounds
    • PSSxL (recommended for those 6′ 2″ or taller)
      • Flat dimensions 5′ x 9′ finished size  >62″ x 108″
        • 54″ flat from shoulders to bottom edges
      • Weights* 1.6 pounds

    *Weights include matching bag and 550 parachute cord

All our Ponchos are part of the Poncho Shelter System

There are many add on’s and accessories available

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Here’s a listing FYI

  • Hoodie Pocket
  • Hoodie Pocket Fleece Liner
  • Poncho Polartec Fleece Liner
  • Under Quilt
  • Slider Bug Net
  • Canopy Bug Net

Poncho Accessories

Poncho Liner - Fleece Poncho Liner
The Liner is a perfect companion to our PSS or poncho. It adds comfort while wearing the PSS as a poncho and also can be used as a inner liner when using the poncho as a hammock. Our Earthtone colors are all authentic Polartec®. It is the highest quality product of its kind available anywhere in the world, and it is made in the U.S.A. It can even be used alone without the PSS if not too windy. The Liner attaches to the poncho with snaps that match the poncho. The snaps are double sided so they can then snap together to form a poncho or even a blanket. NEW CAMO PATTERNS - Limited availability, these are a standard weight fleece, not the heavy 300 winter in our Earthtones, this means more compact and lighter to pack. **SIZE NOTES** LENGTH - Liners are made to match poncho size. XL length matchS a PSSxL poncho, however, most people would not want an XL Liner as it's adding fleece for the front shin area, however choose what you want based on use. WIDTH - xWide this is for xWide ponchos. Snaps fit any poncho.

Under Quilt for Poncho - Hammock
The Under Quilt is specifically designed to match up with our Poncho series, snapping to them to provide insulation underneath when used as a hammock. Draw cord end closures. Adjustable, extra layer blanket can be inserted between Under Quilt and hammock. Made of the same materials as our PSB blankets. Made in USA. (fabric weights listed for reference) NOTE: Choose xWide for the xWide ponchos. NEW - ROBIC fabrics, light at 1.2 oz, yet super strong

Hoodie Pocket for PSS/PSS HD
The Hoodie Pocket is an add on accessory for any of our PSS and PSS HD series Poncho Survival Shelters. The pocket is sewn in and sealed to your PSS, it has storm flaps, a D Ring inside to attach keys, etc. Also a Velcro attachment strip for insulated pocket liner and other accessories. Order with your PSS and we will add it, unless otherwise requested it will be of the same fabric as your poncho.

Fleece Liner for Hoodie Pocket
Fleece Liner for Hoodie Pocket
The Hoodie Pocket Liner is a great addition to your PSS Poncho if you already have a pocket, one can be added any time if wanted. When using your PSS in colder weather this Fleece Pocket Liner gives your hands a cozy warm place to hang out. The liner attaches inside your Hoodie Pocket with Velcro, it also has a handy D ring to clip in keys or other items you don't want lost. Easy removal when not needed. Earth tone color

Tarp Accessory Kit - For Ponchos
This kit makes it simple to get everything needed to set your PSS Series Poncho up as a tarp. Comes in a Poncho carry bag which contains: 3-20 foot hanks of 550 cord, 4-6" Easton Tent Stakes, 1-6 piece EZ Clip Mini set, 1-3 piece set of shock cord with cordloc. A convenient addition to your shelter gear. For HD Ponchos the bag upgrade option will not allow kit and Poncho in same bag.

Slider Bug Net PSS Series Ponchos
Bug net installs when hammock is set up, "on the line". Deploys from the foot end when needed, completely surrounds. Quality nylon 0.7 oz no-see-um netting, for light weight and high strength, that is designed specifically for our PSS Series gear. Available in 1.3 oz polyester ATACS FG or AU camo. Very easy entry and exit, no zippers or Velcro to fiddle with. One size fits all our ponchos when used as hammocks. USA.
Canopy Bug Net for Poncho
A rain canopy with a drop style bug net designed to mate with all the PSS Series Ponchos. Footprint size 10' x 4', drop curtain 58". Ripstop nylon and ultralite nylon net. Stakes and cordage included. USA

Cordage Options Info - Whoopie Slings, Dyneema, 550

Add soft boughs as insulation to a poncho/hammock

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