Hammock Survival Shelter HSS
The Hammock Survival Shelter or HSS for short is just exactly like our PSS series of ponchos except we do not install the hood assembly. This is ideal when you already have a poncho and want something else that can be used as hammock or canopy. It has snaps so poncho accessories can be attached. There are 12 tie out tabs for tarp use, or tent poles can be installed for self supporting canopy. The HSS comes in one length 9 feet long, the common width is 62" for HC fabrics, which are like our xWide ponchos. Other fabric can be used which may be a bit narrower. Made by us in USA.
Price: $92.95
Color/Fabric Choice :
Bag and Cord Options :
The Beast - Integrated Sleeping Pad
The Beast - Integrated Sleeping Pad
The Beast is a sleeping pad for when you can't or don't want to "fly in the sky" in a hammock, when you want to "go to the ground" do it with total comfort. The Beast has snaps to integrate it with all the Poncho Shelter System components. Attach a poncho as a canopy, a fleece or Osni as a blanket, a ground cover, add a bug net, use various tent poles. adjustable, expandable, and most of all comfortable. Unique mesh cover makes it warm in the cold, breathable, non slip, and assists in rolling up remarkably small. Made in USA See our playlist on YouTube for ideas on use.
Price: $139.60
Recommended Size :
Gear Bag :
Optional Ground Cloth :
PSE Poncho Sleeve Extensions - Snap In
PSE Poncho Sleeve Extensions - Snap In
Poncho Sleeve Extensions add 6" to the sides of our ponchos, and snap in and together forming sleeves. For most people this is enough to cover to the wrists or more. PSE's are intended as an add on to an existing poncho, since a new poncho can be ordered with them sewn in. They are available in standard fabrics or HD - NOT FOR SUPER UL - they are 5" - 6" wider already. One pair.
Price: $32.00
For poncho type :
Color if standard fabric :
Color if HD fabric :
Easton Aluminum Tubular Tent Stake
Easton Aluminum Tubular Tent Stake
Easton Tubular Aluminum Tent Stakes are made of strong alloy aluminum with a swaged tip for added strength, aluminum head cap with shock cord. As light as Titanium Ascent but stronger. 6" is 10 g, 9" is 16 g. Color may vary, Black or Gold. USA Also works well as a Marlin Spike for connecting Slings to Dyneema Runners when setting up a Poncho as a hammock.
Price: $3.33
Stake Length :
Osni Cloak - Multipurpose Use
The Osni ("cold weather" in Lakota language) Cloak is multipurpose gear. It snaps into our Ponchos to be a liner, or as an Under Quilt for hammock use. Other uses: stand alone great coat, a sleeping bag - on long side, half bags, blanket, Woobie style, over quilt, hammock liner, Serape, and more. Insulated with APEX maintaining up to 1" loft for comfortable warmth. Cover fabrics are ripstop nylon with water repellent (DWR) unless noted. The Osni is also REVERSABLE retaining all essential functionality. As with all our gear, choose your colors, 10 choices inside and out. Osni fully integrates into all our PSS Series Ponchos, the sizes are listed to match. We make the Osni in the USA. "Osni Cloak is a great piece of gear you will not want to be without, you will use it all the time." ROBIC 1.2 oz nylon now available for extra toughness. NOTE: NEW xWide versions - Choose xWide in size, choose only XW fabrics in color choices. Tip; a standard width Osni will fit any poncho even xWide, but will be slightly gathered in width, not really noticeable due to the loft of the Osni, but if you want the full width get the xWide.
Price: $208.06
Osni Cloak Size :
Outside Color :
Inside Color :
Poncho Survival Shelter Ultralite
The Poncho Survival Shelter Ultralite or UL fabric that is light but very strong. It is silicone impregnated. Very water proof. It stows compactly and is light on weight. Fabric weights: 1.1 30 is standard - users to 240 pounds in hammock mode, 1.1 20 is extra light - users to 170 pounds in hammock mode. 1.1 20 ponchos come with plastic snaps, saving 1 oz weight. Matching bag. USA. FOR MORE INFO - see product page, click on product name. PSE SLEEVE EXTENSIONS (adds 6" sleeve each side) - NOT for any Super UL fabric, they are already wide.
Price: $104.95
Size Choice :
Fabric Choice :
Cordage :
Fleece Liner Stuff Sack
Fleece Liner Stuff Sack
Water resistant bag intended for carrying your Fleece Poncho Liner outside a pack. Made of our Honeycomb Ripstop Nylon, it is tough yet light in weight. Drawstring closure with unique D ring cord guide for easy draw down. USA
Price: $14.95
Bag Color :
Poncho Survival Shelter xWide
Poncho Survival Shelter xWide is for those wanting 6" more width on their poncho without the customization cost we normally charge. This fabric is also 2.2 oz vs the standard 1.9 oz and Honeycomb weave for extra strength, while still light in weight. Our PSS series is a Multi-function Poncho, Hammock, Tarp, Chair, and more. 12Tabs for tarp set up. Snaps to form a poncho and attach a Liner. Includes matching carry bag and 40' of 550 paracord, Optional Cordura bag with MOLLE, Dyneema Cord. No better value for the money. Made in USA NOTE: For best Hammock set up, order poncho with the Hammock Kit for Ponchos.
Price: $92.95
Color :
Length Size :
Bag and Cord Options :
PD Shelter Parachute style
Mini parachute type shelter, multipurpose. Use over fire to trap heat overhead, radiates down and combined with horizontal heat flow from fire equals comfort in open setting. 9.5 feet diameter, 5 feet tall, 12 tie outs outside and 12 inside. Vented cap. Packs small and light. Suspend between trees or use tripod. Other uses: solar heat trap, blanket, scarf, debris filter, block breeze and light rain, bug net, SPECIAL ORDER ONLY
Price: $188.00
Choose Colors :
Cordage Set :
Hoop Tubing :
Under Quilt for Poncho - Hammock
The Under Quilt is specifically designed to match up with our Poncho series, snapping to them to provide insulation underneath when used as a hammock. Draw cord end closures. Adjustable, extra layer blanket can be inserted between Under Quilt and hammock. Made of the same materials as our PSB blankets. Made in USA. (fabric weights listed for reference) NOTE: NEW - ROBIC fabrics, light at 1.2 oz, yet super strong
Price: $129.67
To fit Poncho Size :
Outside Color :
Inside Color :
Poncho Survival Shelter HD
For those needing a Poncho Survival Shelter that is extra tough – all the same features as our standard PSS series but made of rugged Invista Cordura® nylon cloth. Don’t worry about plowing your way through brush, rocks, or heavy timber, you can also hang heavy in the hammock configuration without worry. Weight approx 3 pounds. Made in USA. NEW - PSE or Poncho Sleeve Extensions add 6" to the width on each side and form a sleeve offering extra coverage of arm and wrist. ROBIC fabric has a double box ripstop weave that gives it a unique look. NOTE: For best Hammock set up, order poncho with the Hammock Kit for Ponchos.
Price: $139.95
Size Choice :
Fabric Color Choice :
Cordage & Bag Choice :
McNett Seam Sure - seam sealer
McNett Seam Sure - seam sealer
Seam Sure is a fast drying, water based urethane formula designed for sewn seams on synthetic fabrics and breathable laminates. It has a unique brush tip applicator to work into needle holes, sewn joints, corners and under lap-felled seams. Freeze/thaw stable and washable/dry-cleanable. It is ideal for tents, packs, rainwear, garments and tarps.
Price: $4.89
Hood for Fleece Liner
Hood for Fleece Liner
The Hood option for the Fleece Poncho Liner is a great addition. If ordered with a Poncho Liner it will be sewn in. We also offer a Hood with shoulder cape as a non sewn in version for those who already have a liner and want a hood, it also offers an independent hood that can be used any time you want one. NOTE: Liner and hood colors are earth tones, we do not offer color choices commonly OD Green or Coyote Brown.
Price: $19.95
Hood Style :
Fleece Liner for Hoodie Pocket
Fleece Liner for Hoodie Pocket
The Hoodie Pocket Liner is a great addition to your PSS Poncho if you already have a pocket, one can be added any time if wanted. When using your PSS in colder weather this Fleece Pocket Liner gives your hands a cozy warm place to hang out. The liner attaches inside your Hoodie Pocket with Velcro, it also has a handy D ring to clip in keys or other items you don't want lost. Easy removal when not needed. Earth tone color
Price: $12.95
EZ Klip Midi Tarp Clip
For tougher holding jobs than our EZ Klip Mini, the Midi has larger clamping pads, and overall stronger construction. Won't harm your tarps. Add a tie out anywhere. Holds over 200 pounds. We also like to use it to clip Fleece Liners and Survival Blankets. Size: 3.5" x 1.75" x .75" Wt: 0.7 oz Color: Black
Price: $2.19
Survival Blanket PSB series
The PSB like a wool blanket is still warm when wet, unlike wool it is very easy to dry, even in the field. Water runs right out. It is also compressible and light in weight. Due to its materials it does not require quilting making it warmer for its thickness. Also the PSB is tough you can throw it right on the ground and use it. A unique combination of modern materials. Choose from an assortment of colors and we'll make a blanket for you. Optional Compressor Gear Bag available, use standard for PSB size, use large for PSBT and PSBL. Made in USA. Fabrics: Hy D strong nylon fabric, Robic double diamond weave light fabric, Super UL 6.6 nylon premium performance light weight. More info click Blanket page.
Price: $111.52
Blanket Size :
Blanket Color 1 :
Blanket Color 2 :
Titanium Ascent Stake w Shock Cord Loop
This tent stake is very light yet super strong, it is designed for use in all seasons. We add our usual shock cord loop to the stake for easier set ups and better holding power. Stakes nest for space savings. 6.25" 10g
Price: $4.95
Hoodie Pocket for PSS/PSS HD
The Hoodie Pocket is an add on accessory for any of our PSS and PSS HD series Poncho Survival Shelters. NOT AVAILABLE ON SUPER UL PONCHO and UL PONCHOS. The pocket is sewn in and sealed to your PSS, it has storm flaps, a D Ring inside to attach keys, etc. Also a Velcro attachment strip for insulated pocket liner and other accessories. Order with your PSS and we will add it, unless otherwise requested it will be of the same fabric as your poncho.
Price: $21.95
Fabric type :
Slider Bug Net PSS Series Ponchos
Bug net installs when hammock is set up, "on the line". Deploys from the foot end when needed, completely surrounds. Quality nylon 0.7 oz no-see-um netting, for light weight and high strength, that is designed specifically for our PSS Series gear. Available in 1.3 oz polyester ATACS FG or AU camo. Very easy entry and exit, no zippers or Velcro to fiddle with. One size fits all our ponchos when used as hammocks. USA.
Price: $69.95
Netting choice :
Deploy Bag Color :
Poncho Liner - Fleece Poncho Liner
The Liner is a perfect companion to our PSS or poncho. It adds comfort while wearing the PSS as a poncho and also can be used as a inner liner when using the poncho as a hammock. Our Earthtone colors are all authentic Polartec®. It is the highest quality product of its kind available anywhere in the world, and it is made in the U.S.A. It can even be used alone without the PSS if not too windy. The Liner attaches to the poncho with snaps that match the poncho. The snaps are double sided so they can then snap together to form a poncho or even a blanket. NEW CAMO PATTERNS - Limited availability, these are a standard weight fleece, not the heavy 300 winter in our Earthtones, this means more compact and lighter to pack. **SIZE NOTES** LENGTH - Liners are made to match poncho size. XL length matchS a PSSxL poncho, however, most people would not want an XL Liner as it's adding fleece for the front shin area, however choose what you want based on use. WIDTH - xWide this is for xWide ponchos. Snaps fit any poncho.
Price: $94.92
Size :
Add a Hood :
Colors :
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