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Poncho Survival Shelter
Our PSS series is a Multi-function Poncho, Hammock, Tarp, Chair, and more. 12 Tabs for tarp set up, snaps to form poncho and attach liner and blanket options, large adjustable hood. Poncho includes 40' of 550 cord. No better value for the money. Ultralite for users to 250 pounds in hammock mode. PSE or Poncho Sleeve Extensions add 6" of width to each side of the poncho and forms a sleeve to give added coverage of arm and wrist. Made in USA.
Waxed Canvas Poncho Martexin Premium
Waxed Canvas Poncho Martexin Premium
Our only non-synthetic poncho fabric had to be top of the line materials and finish, sturdy, long life, and easy maintenance. So we chose premium Martexin Original Wax dry finish cotton canvas by Martin, who have been dyeing and finishing canvas fabrics in the United States since 1838. The Martexin wax canvas is made from a proprietary blend of food and pharmaceutical grade waxes, non toxic and dry to the touch, and has been used for more than a century. This poncho features the ability to be a poncho, a hammock, and a tarp. It comes well equipped, the PSSLE, PSSLB, and the PSSxL sizes include PSE’s (Poncho Sleeve Extensions - 6” each side) and our popular Hoodie Pocket. Cordage options are the same as other ponchos. Easy care - hose it off, touch up with a blow dryer and the included Martexin Original Wax as needed. Should last a year of heavy use before touch up. This poncho will become better looking with age as fold lines and marks improve the appearance, a nice patina develops. It is sturdy, yet soft while having a firm body, the hood can stay more open. Comfortable, keeps out rain and wind, feels nice in the wearing. PSSL sizes weigh 4#6 oz. Made in USA. INTRODUCTION PONCHOS WILL BE MADE IN BATCHS, AS WE REACH MINIMUM BATCH SIZE WE’LL START ONE.
Poncho Survival Shelter HD
For those needing a Poncho Survival Shelter that is extra tough – all the same features as our standard PSS series but made of rugged Invista Cordura® nylon cloth. Don’t worry about plowing your way through brush, rocks, or heavy timber, you can also hang heavy in the hammock configuration without worry. Weight approx 3 pounds. Made in USA.
Poncho Survival Shelter xWide
Poncho Survival Shelter xWide is for those wanting 6" more width on their poncho without the customization cost we normally charge. This fabric is also 2.2 oz and Honeycomb weave for extra strength, while still light in weight. Ultralite fabric is 1.1 oz 30d double silicone coated nylon, for users to 250 pounds in hammock mode. Made in USA TIP: For best Hammock set up, order poncho with Quick Connect + Dyneema Web
Poncho Survival Shelter Super UL 1.1 30 silnylon
Poncho Survival Shelter Super UL 1.1 30 silnylon
N E W - Reintroducing our Super UL (Ultra Lite) line after two years unavailable. The material for this poncho is woven from the finest high tenacity nylon 6.6 yarns, this means super high strength at very low weights, double silicone impregnated for superior water proofing and added strength. Our 1.1 30 fabric has yarns 50% thicker than comparable fabrics, making each yarn stronger at the same weight as others. We are also upgrading the poncho itself from our prior version as follows - circular reinforcing collar reduces stress points, high quality plastic snaps are more compact, nearly unbreakable and lower profile than the metal ones, shorter tie outs mean less to catch on, a slightly more trim hood with dyneema drawstring, NOTE plastic snaps on this poncho do not interface with the metal snaps on our accessories. Same cordage options as our other ponchos. Weight 12 oz. USA
Poncho Survival Shelter HD Ripstop w HMPE grid
Poncho Survival Shelter HD Ripstop w HMPE grid
HD Ripstop with HMPE grid woven in for those needing a super tough poncho, but without the weight of our standard HD line, these ponchos are about half the weight and significantly smaller pack size. HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) is commonly known as Dyneema or Spectra. For comparison this is 3x stronger than our standard line. This fabric is used in high end backpacks, exceptional tear and tensile strength, high abrasion resistance. Poncho finishes at about 4.5 feet wide. In hammock mode it is strong enough for anyone to use. All the functionality of all our ponchos, compatible with all accessories. COLOR - Dark Olive for broad spectrum use. Made in USA.
Personal Survival Tarp
The tarp is square to allow for all the many diagonal pitch options. Plenty of tie out tabs all around for tie outs. Three sizes the PST, PSTM, and PSTL (large). Includes 5-20 foot hanks 550 cord, 6 sturdy 9" ABS tent stakes, shock cords, multi-purpose stake bag, carry bag of matching material , optional Cordura packcloth bag with MOLLE attachment compatibility.



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