Campfire Cookin Sticks give you a platform to cook on over a campfire, nearly any campfire.1-2015-09-26 16.52.06

For me a campfire is part of camping, I have one any time I can. If I’ve got a campfire I’m going to use it to cook on too. Over the years I have cooked on a campfire many different ways, whether it’s a pan straddling two rocks over a fire, or a pot resting on two logs with a fire between. There are lots of ways to use a campfire for cooking. Now campfire cooking just got easier.

What are Campfire Cookin Sticks?

Quite simply Campfire Cookin Sticks are rods with bends formed in one end that allows them to be connected, to form a “V” shape, which becomes a stable platform for a pot or pan. Campfire Cookin Sticks can be placed between rocks at a fire pit, so that flames from a fire or coals can easily be used to cook on. The “V” shape is stable since it uses three points of contact.

What is a Build-A-Grill Kit?1-2015-09-15 09.56.31

We take two or more sets of Campfire Cookin Sticks, add some connectors, and put them in a handy roll up bag. By combining more than one set of Campfire Cookin Sticks you can do much more than put a pot on a fire, you can build a custom grilling surface tailored exactly to your needs, enabling you to cook in up to six pots at a time over a regular campfire. There are two ready made sizes, or you can create your own.

  • The Camper-this Kit gives you a set of small and a set of medium Campfire Cookin Sticks, 2 Connectors, and a handy roll up pouch.
  • The Group-with this kit you get all three sizes of Campfire Cookin Sticks, 3 Connectors, and a nice roll up pouch.

What do the Connectors do?1-2015-09-26 17.02.18

Sometimes on a fire ring or fire pit you need a Campfire Cookin Stick to be longer, since the sets of sticks can be disconnected from each other a Connector can be used to make a long stick out of a set, you can even mix sizes to really customize your set up.

What sizes do the Campfire Cookin Sticks come in?

They come in three different lengths to meet any need, large or small and as mentioned above can be combined in a Build-A-Grill Kit.

  • Small or hiker size-at 8″ long this set will accommodate two mug sized pots for easily cooking food in one and a hot drink in the other all at the same time, over the fire.
  • Medium or camper size-this set is 12″ long and will allow combinations of pots and pans such as, a 2 quart pot and two mugs, two 2 quart pots, or a pan and a 2 quart pot, you get the idea.
  • Large or chef size-an 18″ set of Campfire Cookin Sticks is great for bigger chores, like when you’ve got a group and you are Cookin’ up a steamy pot of crab boil in a 10 quart pot, or you are making pancakes, bacon, and eggs, cook them all ot once, over the fire.

What material are the Campfire Cookin Sticks made out of?1-2015-10-24 18.42.54

We offer three different metals and a special Ultralite version, here is a listing and some tips to help you choose which is best for you.

  • Aluminum for the ultimate in light weight and economy
  • Good
  • Though they are not adequate to hold large pots or heavy pans they are great for backpacking cookware.
  • Work well for cooking meals, not recommended for cooking for a long time on a very hot fire
  • Value priced
  • Stainless Steel still light in weight for the robust use they offer
  • Better
  • Overall best value for price and function1-2015-10-16 21.50.07
  • Can support even cast iron pans
  • You can cook all day long on the fire with these
  • Titanium offers the robust use of Stainless Steel at nearly half the weight
  • Best
  • Choose these when you want light weight and the ability to do any cooking task
  • Backpacker routinely choose Titanium for durable light weight gear
  • Well suited for serious users
  • UL Titanium is for a special niche of users who want super light weight and the ability to cook in more than one pot at a time
  • The medium size will support a 2 quart pot and a mug at the same time
  • Super light weight cooking platform, practically weightless
  • When you want to cook on the trail with the least weight these are the choice
  • Affordable priced for the value they offer

So if you like campfires like I do, now that it’s this easy, why not cook on the fire while enjoying it too? Campfire Cookin Sticks and Build-A-Grill Kits make cooking even multi pot complex meals easy over an ordinary campfire, get yours and get started today.

Till next time, This is Perry Peacock, “Simplifying Survival” and making things easier in the woods.

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