About a year ago I did a video “Cheap Water Purification” on a method of treating water that was inexpensive, effective, simple, reliable, and chemical free. This method was developed by the Swiss group eawag and was primarily designed for use in third world countries where a principal cause of death was related to water contamination. Over the years this has been incredibly well received and where people have been properly trained and they follow the program, sickness and death rates have declined drastically. Currently millions around the world have made their lives better by

I just received my latest newsletter and was glad to hear of further progress as the system rolls out to more and more parts of the world. One of the new ways SODIS is being implemented is in the area of disaster relief, providing safe drinking water after hurricanes, earthquakes and floods. It is something everyone can do as part of their Preparedness Plans.
Before I get into a review of the method, let me just mention something that I am asked constantly, and get this out of the way. It seems so many people as they learn of this, the wheels in their minds start turning, figuring out what other way they can do SODIS. Then I get a barrage of questions asking can I do this, or why can’t I do that. Here’s the deal , SODIS eawag, has thoroughly tested this process, it has been used by millions of people all over the world, they have also documented carefully the results. This method MUST be done as described by SODIS eawag, ANY deviation from the listed requirements is undocumented and results will be unknown. It is imperative that you follow the instructions explicitly if you desire to be sure of safe results. It should also be noted that this method is not intended to alleviate contamination due to chemicals.
SODIS stands for Solar Disinfection. It relies on the synergistic combination of UV and Infrared rays from the sun.
What is Needed:
  • PET plastic bottles, clear, labels removed, free of scratches and no larger than three liters in volume. I recommend keeping it at two liters just to be sure (less than 4″ diameter). These are the bottles typically used for bottled water, and soda. Look on the bottom to determine if a bottle is PET.
  • Reasonably clear water, you may have to strain it to make the water transparent enough. You should easily be able to read a newspaper headline through the bottle of water.
  • Six hours of sunshine
I recommend that you keep some PET bottles on hand at home, in vehicles, vacation homes, BOB’s, 72 hour kits.

Some of the reasons I favor SODIS for making water safe to drink.
  • No chemicals needed
  • No filter cartridges needed
  • No fuel for stoves or fires to boil water is needed
  • PET bottles are everywhere just save the ones you use already
  • Virtually unlimited number of gallons can be made usable
Detailed test results and evaluations of actual use are available online at the SODIS website.
Until next time this is Perry Peacock, “Simplifying Survival”
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3 Responses to SODIS more Proof of Effectiveness in Disinfecting Water

  1. DrDug says:

    Thanks for the info Perry. This is pretty amazing.

  2. Chris says:

    Will the sodis method also remove fluoride , chlorine etc from public water ?

  3. pdpeacock says:

    Thanks for your question, no SODIS will only get rid of organisms, you’ll need something like charcoal to eliminate chemicals. This method is intended to make water safe from disease, etc.

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