For survival purposes I like the idea of a tarp. One reason is that it is very flexible in how it can be deployed, it can be flat, a fly, an “A” frame, a Forester, a lean to, a door, a wrap, or a poncho. A tent can only be  a tent really. By using a tarp I can easily adapt it to whatever situation I am in, and whatever my environment. The PST’s are square which allows many diagonal configurations and full protection in a smaller size tarp. The 7 x 7 (PST) is 10 feet diagonal and can accommodate 2 people, the 10 x 10 (PSTL) is 14 feet diagonal and can hold 4 or more people. We have come up with over 20 set ups for the PST and almost 30 for the PSTL.

PST IMG_1960 PST perry CIMG2686
Personal Survival Tarp Bag MVI_1078
  • The PST measures 10′ on the diagonal (14′ with the 10′X10′)
  • Tarp is made from 1.9 oz. tough Ripstop Nylon
  • Webbing tabs which are more durable than grommets
  • Tabs are field repairable
  • 18 tabs (27 on the 10′X10′) for easy set up in many configurations
  • Stealthy blackout coating inside, no flashes penetrate (ACU only others clear coat)
  • Double fold hemmed and corner gussets for durability
  • The Tarp comes as a kit
  • 100 feet of 550 para cord in 5-20 foot hanks
  • Poly tent stakes, 6-9” stakes

For a little more info about the tarps and the development of them check out our blog on it here

Want to add extra custom tie out points to your PST? Check out our EZ Klips

Price: $94.95  

Options :

  • We install a shock cord loop in each stake for quick set ups
  • A tent stake bag is included
  • Stake bag doubles as a fixture for pole mounting the tarp
  • 3 shock cord loops with Cordlocs for use in putting up tarp
  • A tough Cordura Nylon bag houses the complete kit
  • Kit bag MOLLE PALS for attaching to MOLLE backpacks
  • Kit bag has 2-1” D rings for attachments or shoulder carry
  • The complete PST Kit weighs in at only 2.5 pounds (4.5 for the 10′X10′)
  • Everything needed to set up the tarp in most any conditionMADE IN USA Rubber Stamp


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