Osni (pronounced oos-nee)means “cold weather” in the Lakota Indian language, and is the perfect name for this new outerwear gear. It started out as a Poncho Liner and then we blew off the doors and made something really great. Check it out below.

Osni Cloak - Multipurpose Use
The Osni ("cold weather" in Lakota language) Cloak is multipurpose gear. It snaps into our Ponchos to be a liner, or as an Under Quilt for hammock use. Other uses: stand alone great coat, a sleeping bag - on long side, half bags, blanket, Woobie style, over quilt, hammock liner, Serape, and more. Insulated with Climashield APEX with 1" average loft for comfortable warmth. Cover fabrics are ripstop nylon with water repellent. The Osni is also REVERSABLE. As with all our gear, choose your colors, 10 choices inside and out. Osni fully integrates into all our PSS Series Ponchos, the sizes are listed to match. Made in USA by us. "Osni Cloak is a great piece of gear you will not want to be without, you will use it all the time."

The Osni Cloak has many uses

  • Poncho Liner for our Poncho series
  • Great Coat
  • Serape
  • Blanket
  • Half Sleeping or Bivy Bag
  • Full length Sleeping bag
  • Woobie with Hood
  • Under Quilt for Hammock
  • Over Quilt for Hammock
  • Hammock inner liner
  • Can be used stand alone or with Poncho


Insulation is Climashield APEX 1″ average loft, excellent warmth

Outer shell and inner cover fabrics are breathable nylon ripstop with water repellent coating. There are a couple fabrics that do not have water repellency they will be noted as “no DWR” in drop down of fabric selection.

Osni Insulated Hoodie Pocket
Osni Insulated Hoodie Pocket
The Osni Insulated Hoodie Pocket matches your Osni Cloak, it is insulated just like your Osni. Gives a warm place for your hands. If you use your Osni in reversible mode the pocket stitching may be visible. It will match your primary or outside shell fabric. If you already ordered an Osni in preorder, you can just order here and we'll add it.

The Osni is sized to fit our Poncho line since it’s primary intention is as a Poncho Liner and an Under Quilt for the hammock made from the Poncho.

You will see the typical poncho sizes listed in the size drop down, we’ll note here the sizing.

PSS = about 61″ x 84″

PSSL = about 61″ x 96″

PSSxL = about 61″ x 108

Note: a smaller size Osni can fit a larger size poncho as the snaps are referenced off the shoulder, so for example you could use a PSS size Osni in a PSSxL poncho.

Osni Cloak Introduction

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