Campfire Cookin Sticks and Build-A-Grill Kits

“Enjoy the campfire while easily cooking in multiple pots at the same time”

Campfire Cookin Sticks are designed to be used as an adjustable support for pots and pans over a campfire, with them you can configure a stable support platform in nearly any circumstance. Lightweight, strong, small, made in USA.

Build-A-Grill Kits –NOT Currently Available– are made up of two or more Campfire Cookin Sticks and Connectors contained in a handy roll up bag. Pockets are sized to allow one or more sets of Campfire Cookin Sticks in each so you can add to your kit if you want to. USA  (scroll down for info)

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Campfire Cookin Sticks

campfire cookin sticks

12″ Aluminum shown out of pouch

  • Light weight yet sturdy
  • Pack  small
  • Set can be disconnected
  • Stable three point cooking platform
  • Multiple sizes
  • Materials choice to match your needs
  • Comes as a set, a matched pair of sticks with storage bag


  • Aluminum (AL)- extra light weight, cost effective, light meal use
  • Stainless Steel (SS)- effective weight, robust meal cooking
  • Titanium (Ti)- Not Available currently
    campfire cookin sticks

    8″ Aluminum Cookin Stick 2 quart pot

  • Titanium UL (UL)- Ultra lite thin, small and medium size only
Sizes and Weights-
  • Small 8″
    • Al 1.4 oz, SS 4 oz, Ti UL 0.5 oz
  • Medium 12″
    • Al 1.9 oz, SS 6 oz, Ti UL, 0.9 oz
  • Large 18″
    • Al 2.8 oz, SS 8.6 oz
  • Connectors
    • Al 0.2 oz, SS 0.6 oz, Ti UL 0.2 oz

Build-A-Grill Kits

2015-09-12 19.26.54

  • Cook on up to five or six pots at a time
  • Combine multiple sets of Campfire Cookin Sticks
  • Connectors join individual Campfire Cookin Sticks
  • Build a semi circle grill on a fire ring
  • Dozens of ways to set up
  • Includes two or more sets of Campfire Cookin Sticks
  • Connector for each set
  • Roll up Kit bag with pockets for Sticks, Connectors, Accessories
    • Choice of Kit bag colors
Kits- NOT available, discontinued
  • Camper – for one to several people, four pots at once1-2015-10-27 09.32.13
    • Set each of small and medium Campfire Cookin Sticks, materials choice
    • Two Connectors
    • Roll up Kit bag, two large, two small pockets, color choice
  • Group – cook in up to six pots at a time
    • Set each, small, medium, large Campfire Cookin Sticks, materials choice1-2015-12-03 17.05.22
    • Three Connectors
    • Roll up Kit bag, three large, three small pockets, color choice
Tip –> Roll up Kit bag pockets sized to allow 2-3 sets of Campfire Cookin Sticks each, add more if desired

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