Poncho Survival Shelter as Poncho

The PSSL HD in Multicam Alpine

Poncho Survival Shelter HD – Heavy Duty Use

Poncho Survival Shelter HD
For those needing a Poncho Survival Shelter that is extra tough – all the same features as our standard PSS series but made of rugged Invista Cordura® nylon cloth. Don’t worry about plowing your way through brush, rocks, or heavy timber, you can also hang heavy in the hammock configuration without worry. Weight approx 3 pounds. Made in USA, US materials. NOTE on Whoopie Slings - Whoopie Sling has been discontinued, use Whoopie Sling 2, both ends adjustable, wide range. Whoopie Sling 2Kit includes Soft Shackles.

Customer Comments –

“I have the HD in plain black and I can vouch for it being a very tough workhorse. Actually sat outside in a downpour and stayed dry as a bone. Thanks Perry for the great poncho that hangs nice as a hammock as well. Cheers from Nova Scotia, Canada. Mike.

“Got my PSSXL HD in Atacs FG with liner last week and am loving it! Feels like you could sled down a rock face with it and it would be fine.. Its a bulky beast for sure but ill be taking it on every backpacking trip from here on out!

I tested waterproofing in shower for 10 mins and even where its stitched it was bone dry.. it’s nice to see an American-made product that doesn’t cut any corners made by US citizens! You definitely get what you pay for at Wilderness Innovations.”  – Aaron G

  • Makes into Super Tough Poncho, Hammock, Tarp, Chair, or other shelter
  • Use as a ground cloth or cover
  • Our Fleece Poncho Liners snap into the Poncho Survival Shelter HD for extra warmth
  • Cordage Option: 2-20′ Amsteelblue Dyneema Cord (2600 pound test) for hammock, tarp, or chairs
  • Whoopie Sling Kit Option: for quickest easiest hang in hammock mode
    • includes Whoopie Sling and custom Soft Shackle
  • Comes in matching Cordura® stow bag. MOLLE upon Request
  • Handle the heavy weather with the Poncho Survival Shelter HD

Size and Weight

  • PSS HD (for persons 4′ 6″ to 5′ 9″)
    • Flat dimensions 5′ x 7′ about 56″ x 84″ finishedGear Colors
      • 42″ flat shoulder to bottom edge
    • Rolled up dimensions 4″ x 14″
    • Weight 2 lbs 12 oz
  • PSSL HD (for persons 5′ 8″ to 6’4″)
    • 12″ longer in the back than PSS
      • 54″ flat shoulder to bottom in back
    • Flat dimensions 5′ x 8′ about 56″ x 96″ finished
    • Rolled up dimensions 4″ x 14″
    • Weight 3 lbs
  • PSSxL HD (for persons 6′ 2″ and taller)
    • 12″ longer in front and back than PSS
      • 54″ flat from shoulder to bottom edges
    • Flat dimensions 5′ x 9′ about 56″ x 108″ finished
    • Rolled up dimensions 4.5″ x 14″
    • Weight 3 lbs 6 oz
      Poncho Survival Shelter HD as Hammock

      PSSL HD as a Hammock

Add a handy Hoodie Pocket to your Poncho Survival Shelter HD

Hoodie Pocket for PSS/PSS HD
The Hoodie Pocket is an add on accessory for any of our PSS and PSS HD series Poncho Survival Shelters. The pocket is sewn in and sealed to your PSS, it has storm flaps, a D Ring inside to attach keys, etc. Also a Velcro attachment strip for insulated pocket liner and other accessories. Order with your PSS and we will add it, unless otherwise requested it will be of the same fabric as your poncho.



MADE IN USA Rubber Stamp



How tough are HD Ponchos?

Cordage Options Info - Whoopie Slings, Dyneema, 550

Add boughs to your HD hammock for insulation

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