Choosing a Poncho Size – common question

What do all the letters in the size chooser dropdown mean?

PSS is the standard size

PSSLB the L means Long, the B means Back =12″ longer in back

PSSLE the L means Long, the E is for Equal length front and back

PSSxL means the poncho is extra long

PSSxxL is for our super long ponchos

What are the sizes of each? (from shoulder to bottom)

PSS is 42″ front 42″ back

PSSLB is 42″ front 54″ back

PSSLE is 48″ front and back

PSSxL is 54″ front and back

PSSxxL is 60″ front and back

What size person matches each Poncho size?

PSS is recommended for persons 4’6″ to 5’9″

PSSLB and PSSLE for persons 5’7″ to 6’4″

PSSxL recommended for persons 6’2″ to 6’5″

PSSxxL is for those persons 6’4″ and over


  • Notice there is an overlap persons in this range may choose either size
  • If unsure use the length chart above and measure from your shoulder to see where the bottom of the poncho will come to on you.
  • remember the outside edges will hang a little lower because they are off your shoulder, allow a couple inches.
  • too long a poncho for you may result in you stepping on the front when going uphill or over objects.
  • you can get away with a longer poncho than recommended if your use will be on roads or well made trails, if you do a lot of “bushwacking” stay in the recommended ranges.

A word about width

Most all the ponchos are a little less than 60″ wide when finished, most fabrics come from the mill in 60″ widths. There is some variation, most silpoly fabrics are 58″ from factory, nylon fabrics are usually 60″ to 62″ wide. Our xWide come at 66″ as do the Super UL. A finished poncho usually runs 3″ – 4″ narrower than the factory width. We always give you as much as we can, we don’t trim wider fabric down.

What about Poncho Sleeve Extensions – PSE’s?

PSE is intended to give a person more arm coverage by forming a sort of sleeve by snapping the cuff, beyond to normal edge of the poncho. PSE’s are not generally recommended on xWide or Super UL fabrics, since they are already wide.

PSE gives 6″ sleeve on each side for a total of 12″ more width

PSExWide gives 12″ sleeve on each side for a total of 24″ more width – this only recommended for persons with very long arms, few people would need something of this size.

For more info you can use the chat box on the website or call us at 801-810-9453

9 Responses to How to Choose a Poncho Size

  1. Jeff Smith says:

    How long till release of dyneema poncho ?

  2. Elijah B says:

    What are your current lead times on a PSS?

  3. pdpeacock says:

    It is likely in the spring 2019 on the Dyneema poncho. Thanks, Perry

  4. pdpeacock says:

    Wow, somehow I missed your question here. I’m sure it’s too late now, but we run about three weeks lead time on most gear. At times we can move that up a bit. Thanks for asking, Perry

  5. Dan says:

    Hello! If I were to carry a pack under the poncho, is that already figured into the size? I’m 5’11 and was going to go with the pssle.


  6. Ben says:

    So, im keen to wait for the UL Real Tree Xtra fabric to be back in stock for a PSSLE, but normally UL ponchos are wide so you advice not to get PSE extensions.. BUT, Real Tree Xtra UL is not as wide in the UL range and so PSE can be added ?

  7. pdpeacock says:

    Yes we can add PSE to Realtree Xtra. Hopefully the mill will soon run more Xtra fabric and we can offer it again. Thank you.

  8. pdpeacock says:

    Dan, I think we may have talked on the phone yesterday. For you and considering a pack worn under the poncho frequently I would recommend a PSSLB size, which is 12″ longer in the back to accommodate a backpack easier. Thank you – Perry

  9. Jeff Smith says:

    From a tactical standpoint. Is the dyneema material quiet when going thru the woods, and if not which material would be the best choice ? Im looking for lightweight but not willing to trade off for something that rustles like leaves when moving.

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