“In my personal experience, drinking water seemed to reduce hunger pangs to the point where they were hardly noticeable.” – M Kochanski 1-IMG_3166 It is important not just to drink enough water to keep out of dehydration danger, but to drink enough for proper body function. In my new Audio Program on Dehydration I discuss the benefits of having plenty of water in the body. We find that having ample water in body systems not only reduces or eliminates fatigue, but also seems to help provide plenty of energy to perform work, even without food. As soon as we have less water in our systems than we should, body function is compromised, the ability to accomplish tasks decreases, all this well in advance of actual dehydration. At only 10% low on water reserves, the body’s ability to do work may be decreased by 25%. Effects of Dehydration • Fatigue1-IMG_2130• Hyperthermia (core temperature too hot)• Hypothermia (core temperature too cold) • Headache • Constipation • Lack of coordination – poor motor skills • Inability to analyze and think properly • Pain and other discomfort • Frostbite   You can’t rely on thirst to accurately trigger the desire to drink. At times it may not turn on till too late, thirst may also be alleviated too quickly by sips of water when the need is actually much greater than that. In the effort to drink sufficient water it may be difficult to do when drinking cold water. Hot water is much easier to assimilate and may be utilized by the body more quickly. Each day a person should drink enough water to expel about a quart of urine each day. By drinking plenty of water a person may realize the ability to have more than twice the energy they would otherwise have, without needing to consume food for energy. Everything in your situation is benefited by your body having plenty of water in it. Cold weather does not diminish the need for water. Cold winter air is usually very dry, consequently with each breath you take you are depleting the moisture in your body. It is a Myth that you cannot eat snow to put water into your body, I detail how to properly eat snow to successfully add to your water reserves. Done correctly there is not risk of damage to lips and mouth, nor a danger of bringing on hypothermia, to the contrary by delaying getting water the risk is substantially increased. Ideally a person hiking or doing a fair amount of work may take in a cup of water every 15 minutes for maximum fatigue resistance. For all the information on the subject listen to our audio cast – Hydration for Increased Energy Until next time this is Perry Peacock, “Simplifying Survival”

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