It’s interesting, the evolution of things. I have spent a lot of time this past year looking back at equipment I used to use, and reading about what was used in the 1800’s to the 1930’s. At first glance it makes me think, “how did they ever survive with that stuff?” However, on further analysis much of that gear was simple in a cleaver sort of way.

Today money is the only thing separating us from all the so called “top of the line” equipment. I say so called for a reason, when we look at what the early explorers did without solar heat absorbing fabric and sophisticated insulations, without titanium cookware, and freeze dried food, no polycarbonate utensils, without GPS navigation, exotic butane powered stoves and cooking systems, and tents made of super-light synthetic materials; we are left to wonder how they did it.

We just need to go back to the essentials of survival; shelter, fire, water, food, and medical care, take care of these and it doesn’t really matter what materials we use. Granted the new materials and gear can be much more effective, weight saving, and efficient.

I guess I can say I’m in a phase right now where I am testing the old and trying to integrate it with the modern. In our haste for materials perhaps we have bypassed some of the old methods, discarding them before evaluating their usefulness.

I was reviewing some new gear the other day, here are some examples: Inflatable sleeping pad that is extremely light, $150 and somewhat fragile. It’s great technology, but can’t I make myself comfortable without that? How about the specialized stove-cook set combos that can boil water faster than you can imagine, nice, but you can’t interchange anything, want a bigger pot, sure $150 will get you one. There is something to be said for a tin can pot set in the coals, takes a little longer to boil water, but what am I in a hurry for, will I miss the bus?

Well I’m not against all this modern gear, I’m seeking to learn some of the old stuff, to get acquainted with a slower pace of life, to relax. I don’t want to be timing my boiling water to see if I set a new record. This new stuff is cool, so cool, it’s amazing and I love it.

But what really turns me, is the thought of taking my Wilderness Innovation Off Road Survival Kit, and the Personal Survival Tarp, some oats, ramen, jerky, chocolate mix, rice and flour in some ziplock baggies and wander off for a few days to make the best of it. I don’t really want to go primitive, I did that years ago. I guess a little bit of minimalism kinda rocks my world.

Whatever you are into for survival items, camping gear and cooking, make yourself comfortable and settle into the wilderness, learn to enjoy the challenge of making yourself comfortable with whatever you have. Breathe deep the clean fresh air and get into loving the outdoors.

Until next time – Perry Peacock signing off, have a great day!!

2 Responses to Old Stuff and New – I’m Torn

  1. tom says:

    i seen your twig burner i am not good at diy so can i buy one

  2. pdpeacock says:


    Yes you can buy one, we’re getting ready to post it for sale on our webpage. Send an email to with your address and we can work it out as soon as you would like.


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