Efficiency Survival LevelEfficiency survival level builds on the Core level and makes you:

  • More effective in planning
  • Improves your time management
  • Decreases your energy use, saves calories
  • Extends the time you are able to survive
  • Improves safety
  • Enhances ability to get out or get rescued

Gear in this Level, some examples:

  • Personal Survival Blanket – for enhanced safety
  • Sven Saw – Small lightweight and very effective
  • Personal Survival Tarp – Much faster shelter and is mobile
  • Personal Survival Shelter – The most effective personal shelter available
  • Speedy Stitcher – For easy lasting repairs to clothing, packs, shelter
  • Basic purchased and configured hunting devices

The Efficiency level does not take anything away from the Core, but rather builds upon it, in other words when you build an Efficiency level of gear you don’t leave the Core home, the Core is part of both the Efficiency level and the Comfort level. As these levels are built you will see that most items have several uses or purposes or can be used in assistance to another item.

The Efficiency survival items are very critical, particularly if the time out is extended or if conditions are brutal. One of the purposes of this level is to conserve energy, which lessens the quantities of food needed. Every action the body performs causes muscles and organs to burn calories, which of course are obtained from food or energy storage in the body itself. If you have a saw you are able to cut firewood or build shelter while burning much less energy. A byproduct of this conservation is avoidance of exhaustion. A person may build a personal shelter of raw materials in 3 or 4 hours, expending perhaps 1000 calories, or a Personal Survival Tarp or Personal Survival Shelter may provide the same shelter in 15 minutes burning 100 calories.

See our complete Survival Levels Explanation here.

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