Dyneema or Cuben (Spectra) is one of the most popular names of super strong yet light Technical fabrics. Chemically noted as UHMWPE or HMPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethelene or High Modulus Poly Ethelene) you will see many names for it. Pound for pound 15x stronger than steel, yet floats on water. Dyneema is a brand name. Using Technical fabrics enables making high strength gear that is much lighter and thinner than ever before possible, exceptional abrasion resistance, and highly waterproof are other features.  These fabrics can be laminates, woven, or a hybrid. Tarps, Ponchos, Gear Bags, and other items are being developed to fit into Wilderness Innovation’s unique product line. High Tech in the outdoors to “Simplify Survival” and make camping activities even more enjoyable. 

There are woven Dyneema fibers blended with another kind of fiber then woven in a traditional manner. Our new Xtreme HD is this type, 45% Dyneema, 55% Polyester, which produces a fabric with amazing properties. Exceptional strength while being very soft and draping. High abrasion resistance, almost tear proof, and highly cut resistant. Coated with a proprietary waterproofing.

Ultra fabrics by Challenger Sailcloth combine woven UHMWPE fibers with a laminated RPET back for waterproofing and stability. These Ultra Weave fabrics contain 60% UMHWPE fiber by weight for superior performance. Abrasion tests show twice the life cycle compared with our amazing HD Cordura poncho line. 

Technical  Ponchos

Poncho Survival Shelter Xtreme HD - OUT OF STOCK
PRODUCTION SUSPENDED - - Xtreme HD is by far the strongest Poncho we have ever offered. It has a soft hand for exceptional comfort. Fabric is a woven blend of Polyester (55%) and Dyneema (45%). Xtreme HD has amazing cut and abrasion resistance, by far the best we've ever seen. Excellent coatings for waterproofing on the underside and repellency on the face side combined with the fabric yarns being resistant to absorbing moisture make for a superior Poncho. All functions of our ponchos are available in this one, Poncho, Hammock, Tarp, etc. For most convenience in hammock mode order with Quick Connect and Dyneema Web. Color is Heathered Gray. Made in USA

Poncho Survival Shelter Ultra 200 HD
Now available - Ultra HD is now the strongest Poncho we offer. It is a hybrid fabric consisting of a woven portion UHMWPE fibers, laminated to that is a layer of RPET for waterproofing. By weight it contains 60% UHMWPE and has amazing cut resistance tear strength; and abrasion resistance that is twice that of 500d Cordura. We RECOMMEND getting the PSE’s as fabric is about 10” narrower than standard fabrics. All functions of our ponchos are available in this one, Poncho, Hammock, Tarp, etc. For most convenience in hammock mode order with Quick Connect and Dyneema Web. Color is Black. Weight abt 28 oz avg. Made in USA

Prussic Loops - Dyneema Twine
Prussic Loops - Dyneema Twine
Prussic Loops made from Dyneema Twine - Samson Lash It - are ideal for use even with small cords like parachute cord or other Dyneema lines. These loops are strong, the twine having a breaking strength of 500 pounds, and since they do not stretch, they bite in very securely to whatever cord they are affixed to. LIght weight, durable, strong, and effective. Dyneema Prussic Loops. SET OF TWO

The First Laminated Dyneema Poncho Test – Info

Dyneema Fabric

Dyneema Green

Dyneema PSS Poncho

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