Poncho Survival Shelter

Poncho Survival Shelter
Our PSS/PSSL is a Multi-function Poncho, Hammock, Tarp, Yukon Chair, Super Shelter and more. Many use it as much as anything for a hammock. You can save gear using the PSS since it can be used many ways. 12 tabs for tarp set up, snaps to form poncho and attach liner option, large adjustable hood. Comes with 40' of cord and in a carry bag of the same fabric as Poncho, Optional Cordura bag with MOLLE. No better value for the money. Made in USA


  • Poncho for rain and wind protection
    • Large adjustable hood
    • Snaps convert it into a poncho
  • Hammock for great sleep with little effort
    • Easy set up with built in cord sleeves
    • Capacity – up to 300 pounds
  • Tarp with 12 webbing tabs for lashing, no grommets
    • 7 tarp configurations2015-05-29 20.10.26-1
  • Yukon Chair also several variations of swinging chairs
  • Includes 2-20 foot hanks of 550 parachute cord
  • Matching carry bag included
  • Tough Cordura® packcloth bag with MOLLE (optional)
  • Made in USA of USA materials and USA citizens

Size and Weight

Heaviest is Woodland TBO, high side of middle range is MARPAT, lightest range is Coyote, Woodland, and the Silnylons.

  • PSS
    • Flat dimensions 5′ x 7′
      • 42″ flat from shoulder to bottom edges
    • Weights* 1.2 – 2 pounds, most 1.5 pounds
  • PSSL
    • Flat dimensions 5′ x 8′IMG_1850
      • 54″ flat from shoulder to back edge
      • 42″ flat from shoulder to front edge
    • Weights* 1.3 – 2.1 pounds, most 1.6 pounds, Multicam Silnylon 0.9 pounds
  • PSSxL
    • Flat dimensions 5′ x 9′
      • 54″ flat from shoulders to bottom edges
    • Weights* 1.6 – 2.4 pounds

*Weights include matching bag and 550 parachute cord

See our standard colors in an outdoor setting
with the same lighting click here 1-IMG_3166

Add a handy Hoodie Pocket to your Poncho Survival Shelter

Hoodie Pocket for PSS/PSS HD
The Hoodie Pocket is an add on accessory for any of our PSS and PSS HD series Poncho Survival Shelters. The pocket is sewn in and sealed to your PSS, it has storm flaps, a D Ring inside to attach keys, etc. Also a Velcro attachment strip for insulated pocket liner and other accessories. Order with your PSS and we will add it, unless otherwise requested it will be of the same fabric as your poncho.

YouTube Playlist to see using the Poncho Survival Shelter

Poncho Survival Shelter Playlist link

AMSTEELBLUE Hammock Cord w/Eye
AMSTEELBLUE Hammock Cord w/Eye
Super strong very light cord with eye built in, designed especially for our PSS poncho series when used as a hammock. If distance between trees is too far for Parachute cord or if the occupant is heavy this is the cord to use. Little stretch, 2500 pound test, so light it floats on water, strong as steel in same diameter. Dyneema Cord by Sampson Rope, brand name AMSTEELBLUE. Color is BLACK. This is 2-14 foot hanks for setting up PSS/PSSL/PSSxL and all HD series Hammock.

Poncho set up as a Yukon chair – Perry’s Office :)


Woodland camo PSSL Poncho worn by Perry in the forest


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