The concept is a hammock that can also be used as a shelter. It is HSS for short. Has all the features of our PSS poncho series, except the hood. All the accessories fit.

Hammock Survival Shelter HSS
The Hammock Survival Shelter or HSS for short is just exactly like our PSS series of ponchos except we do not install the hood assembly. This is ideal when you already have a poncho and want something else that can be used as hammock or canopy. It has snaps so poncho accessories can be attached. There are 12 tie out tabs for tarp use, or tent poles can be installed for self supporting canopy. The HSS comes in one length 9 feet long, the common width is 62" for HC fabrics, which are like our xWide ponchos. Other fabric can be used which may be a bit narrower. Made by us in USA.


Easton Tent Pole Set for PSS/HSS
Easton Tent Pole Set for PSS/HSS
Top Quality Easton Aluminum Tent Tubing Sets for use with PSS/HSS ponchos and hammocks, to convert them to a stand alone domed canopy. An HSS will come equipped for pole ends, for a PSS Poncho order the Pole End Adapters. For existing PSS Series Ponchos we need to know length and width to size the poles, if ordering with new we will size with the order. Poles are two sets, shock corded with tips. Made in USA

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