These Poncho Survival Shelters in Ultralite fabric are truly amazing. Imagine a Poncho as light as 7.8 oz that is also designed to be a tarp or a hammock!!

Poncho Survival Shelter Ultralite
The Poncho Survival Shelter Ultralite or UL fabric that is light but very strong. It is silicone impregnated. Very water proof. It stows compactly and is light on weight. Fabric weights: 1.1 30 is standard - users to 240 pounds in hammock mode, 1.1 20 is extra light - users to 170 pounds in hammock mode. 1.1 20 ponchos come with plastic snaps, saving 1 oz weight. Matching bag. USA. FOR MORE INFO - see product page, click on product name. PSE SLEEVE EXTENSIONS (adds 6" sleeve each side) - NOT for any Super UL fabric, they are already wide. NEW SIZES - PSSL is now PSSLB = long back, PSSLE = long equal (front, back) flat dimension is the same on both. PSSxLB for the truly tall who need the xL size and still want 12" extra for backpack, 66" long in back.
Ultralite Tarp Kit for Ponchos
Ultralite Tarp Kit for Ponchos
All you need to set our Poncho up as a tarp. No tying and untying knots, no bulky 550 parachute cord, very fast to set up. 4-6" Easton tent stakes with 8' Dyneema Lash It and Hookworms, 4- 1/8" shock cord loops, 2-Lash It 15' hanks of cord with Hookworm connectors, 1-Ultralite storage bag. Only 2.8 oz (78g), 1/3rd the weight and volume of our standard Tarp Kit for Ponchos. Lash It has a 500 pound rating and is 1/16" diameter. USA

Super light weight – 3 fabric styles to choose from

  1. Silnylon 1.1 30 fabric up to 250 pound users in hammock mode
    • sturdy for use as with all our other ponchos
    • X Wide
  2. Silpoly 1.1 20 fabric for up to 170 pound users in hammock mode
    • strong but more limited use due to the extreme thinness of fabric
  3. 1.1 20 SilPu/poly same poly fabric with extra high waterproofing

Other notes:

  • 1.1 30 fabrics have our standard metal snaps – compatible with all accessories
  • 1.1 20 fabrics use sturdy super light plastic snaps to save weight.
    • not compatible with snap in accessories
    • slightly narrower than standard
  • All fabric choices feature excellent weather repellent properties
  • Matching stow bag with choice of cordage options

Note on PSE’s

PSE’s are Poncho Sleeve Extensions that give a 6″ sleeve on each side. They are for the 1.1 20 fabrics which are narrower anyway, and for the Realtree Xtra. Not for any Super UL fabric choice, they are already wide.

There are 4 size configuration to choose from


Length flat 7′ (84″) Poncho length 42″ front and back

Recommended for persons 5’10” or shorter


Length flat 8′ (96″) Poncho length 42″ front 54″ back – extra coverage for a Pack

Recommended for persons 5’6″ or taller


Length flat 8′ (96″) Poncho length 48″ front and back

Recommended for persons 5’2″ or taller


Length flat 9′ (108″) Poncho length 54″ front and back

Recommended for persons 6’4″ or taller

Finished widths

1.1 20 fabrics are 54″ wide

1.1 30 fabrics are 62″ wide

1.1 30 Realtree Camo 54″ wide


PSSL (E and B)

1.1 30 fabric 11 oz

1.1 20 fabric 8 oz


New Ultralite Ponchos added to our line

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