Perry PeacockPerry Peacock – I have been interested for years in survival especially cold weather, and in making reliable devices for use in the outdoors.

My grandfather grew up on the Western desert and taught me about staying hydrated, food options, direction finding and cleanliness. I learned to appreciate the beauty of the desert as well as a respect for the elements. I was interested in Sub-Zero survival as long as I can remember. I used to watch the weather to see if any blizzards we coming, if so I would go out camp in the storm. There is a certain excitement and satisfaction in not only surviving difficult situations, but seeing how comfortable you can make yourself, I really got into that.

I have spent many years professionally in manufacturing management, with part of that time at Easton Aluminum as Product Engineer for Mountain Outdoor Products. My love for snowshoeing has resulted in 3 patents one of which was a unique flexible frame snowshoe and also a folding snowshoe. I did some R&D work with a flex frame backpack.

I spent about 18 years in the security business, most of the time with my own company. That experience culminated in a unique arrangement integrating electronic security with physical security response.

I’ve been working for the last while about rounding out my experience, I firmly believe that we should never stop learning, and the process continues to be a lot of fun!

“The key to it all is simplifying survival” – Perry Peacock-

“Survival is having the right mindset and tools to get you through anything”

Beau Graves

– Beau Graves –

Beau Graves has recently joined the Wilderness Innovation team, and is excited about the direction that the company is heading. With all the research and development that the company is working on daily, Wilderness Innovation will have no choice but to offer the best quality survival supplies that the industry has to offer.

Beau has lived in the Wasatch Mountains his whole life and knows the area VERY well “There is nothing like getting into an area that you literally believe no one has ever been too, but when you are too that point you better have the survival items that you need, or you could be in some trouble”

Beau has worked with the youth and knows the importance of teaching survival preparedness to not only adults but the youth, so they are prepared in any wilderness situation. With the losses that have been seen the the Uinta Mountains of Utah, there should be no skimping on the quality of the survival items that you have with you, as well as the wilderness training that you have been through

“You never know what kind of situation that you will be up against in mother natures back country”

Ben has lived in Utah his entire life and has come to really enjoy his surroundings!!  He loves the outdoors and likes to spend his free time hiking, fishing, camping, shooting, etc. Some other interests include: Reading, learning new things, knives, guns, tactical operations, survival/preparedness, and medicine.

Ben resides in Utah Valley with his beautiful wife, his adorable son, and the family dog. He leads a busy professional life as he works in a Histology lab during the day and at a local hospital at night.

Ben is an eagle scout. The morals and values that he lives by, and his skill set, can be traced back to the BSA and the church he belongs to. He is an advocate for the BSA and hopes to one day be able to give back to the organization that helped define who he is today.

Ben is grateful to be apart of the Wilderness Innovation team and looks forward to contributing what he can to help make this team grow!

The BSA hit the nail on the head with their motto: “Be prepared.” -Ben Hendricksen-

Shauna Peacock – grew up in the Uinta Basin of Eastern Utah. This area is consistently one of the coldest areas in the state. Her father was an avid hunter and she grew up enjoying the fruits of the hunt. She graduated from BYU.

Shauna has lived most of her life in Utah, but did live for some time in Alaska where she learned many things and had quite a number of interesting experiences. She loves camping, hiking and snowshoeing.

Her professional career has revolved mostly around sewing on a commercial level. She has worked in the clothing industry as a trainer and manager. She worked also in heavier sewing applications involved with truck tarps, boat covers, and upholstery. Shauna also worked in the mattress industry for a time. She maintained a business with specialized high quality product, sewing for a Japanese company
exporting to Japan.

She has worked in the development and production of products for Wilderness Innovation, as well as products made by Wilderness Innovation and private labeled for other companies.

Shauna is excited about her work with Wilderness Innovation, and with the new products currently in development. She uses her extensive knowledge to assist in making simple yet sturdy products, working on among other things, patterning, production flow, and product enhancement. She has made many contributions which we appreciate, that have made things better for all of us and our products.

Celeste Vandenheuvel – grew up in Salt Lake City Utah and is the oldest daughter of Shauna Peacock.   She is married with 2Celeste children ages 7 and 8.  She enjoys traveling, watching sports, camping and spending time with her family.

Celeste just got out of the Army after 12 years and 1 deployment to Iraq.  She spent the first 9 years of her career as a supply sergeant and the last 3 years as a personnel technician.  She brings her military background to the company with the hopes of introducing our products to all branches of the military.

Celeste learned to crochet when she was 5 years old and was taught to sew when she was 7 years old.  When she was in junior high, she was hired on at a place where her mother worked making tarps, boat covers etc.  She has been sewing off and on ever since and enjoys every minute of it.

Celeste is very excited to start a new chapter in her life by being an active part of Wilderness Innovations, we are very happy to welcome her on-board and look forward to utilizing her skills and enthusiasm as we progress in our growth.


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