In order to help yourself, or anyone else for that matter, in a survival situation, there needs to be one fundamental drive: the WILL to survive! It may seem like a given, but the will to survive is a core principle that everyone needs in order to excel at the art of staying alive. If you are in a group it may also take convincing others of the will to survive. Once everyone has the desire to live you can then pool your resources and put together a plan.

If, as stated above, the core of survival is the will to survive, then one can conclude this is a foundation upon which we can build. If we relate survival to an onion, the core being the will to survive, we see that there are many layers. Most of the layers will be personal to your particular situation and the gear that you have at your disposal. Having said that, there are a couple main layers that I would like to discuss.

Once we get beyond the core of the onion we reach a layer that I will call  knowledge/experience. This is what each of us has tucked inside of our heads. All of the things that we experience in life result in some form of knowledge, whether it be from our own experience or that of someone else. Someone once said, “A wise man learns from his mistakes, an even wiser man learns from others’ mistakes.” No matter how you got your knowledge, life experience, etc. this is what you have to rely on to get yourself through a survival situation. Additional layers of our onion can come from the knowledge/experience of others in your group, if there are any.

The next layer I would like to address is that of resources/tools/training. These are the tangibles that you may have, the offerings of mother nature, and the skill sets that you have acquired through training. This layer will add comfort to your survival situation and if combined with the resources, tools, and training of others, may very well be your ticket to survival.

It is up to each of us to prepare ourselves to survive! We must capture the desire/will to live. We must pool all of our knowledge and experience together. Finally, we must be able to utilize any resources, tools, and training that we have. It is our responsibility to add to the layers of our survival onion and be prepared to survive!

Until next time,  be safe and be prepared, this is Ben Hendricksen for the Wilderness Innovation team!

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